Okay, PicklePals, should i use russets, Yukons, or some other potato for a classic scalloped potato? I'm leaving now to go shopping, having finally sprung loose (but only 'til Monday) from the Q4 deal madness that is my life every December . . . .. Thank you so much. ;o)



AntoniaJames December 24, 2010
Hey, you two, thanks so much! Well, the choices are, go to the store (bravely . . . . but you're so darn tired, you won't really notice the sub-optimal shopping conditions) or don't go the store, and have to forage in your kitchen for Christmas dinner. Mr T and the boys are patient and understanding, but frankly, I really want a great meal after my C-Day hike tomorrow!! Russets it will be . . . Foodpickle is the best, isn't it?!! ;o)
vvvanessa December 24, 2010
i'm all about the starchiness of russets. good luck out there!
aargersi December 24, 2010
Hi AJ you are very brave going to the store today! I just looked up several recipes including one from Emeril and they all call for russets ... happy shopping!!!!
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