Food52 website question: regarding # views in the recipes

I am a bit confused about # views in the recipes. I went to see a couple of recipes with 0 views, and after I come back to them after little while, the views is still 0. Does anybody know why?



Brice July 12, 2015
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ATG117 October 8, 2014
I had noticed in the past that certain recipes would start with X number views even from the send it was published? Are you sure things aren't more glitchy? The system does seem unideal
Lindsay-Jean H. October 6, 2014
Hi lleello --

In order to take it easy on our servers, the tech team adjusted the way view counts are updated -- they take longer to update, but recipe view counts do go up over time.

And just FYI, the best way to share feedback about the site or let us know about a technical issue is to send us an email - [email protected].
foofaraw October 6, 2014
No, the counter of one recipe that I totally remember clicked on 2 days ago does not goes up. I wonder if it is due to the user's computer setting, in particular AdBlock or Ghostery that block the trackers needed for the recipe counter. That's why I am asking in here.
But yes, I would totally love to check that with you.
alp.aker October 6, 2014
Hi lleello. Alp from the Food52 tech team here. The updates aren't a matter of time, actually. What happens is that we wait until a recipe has gained 25 or so new views and then update the count. So you'll see the view counts jump up in steps of a couple of dozen views at a time. If you haven't seen a recipe's count go up yet, that means it still has some more views to go before the visible count is updated.

I realize this is non-ideal, and we'll probably move to real-time updates for the view counts in the not too distant future. Sorry for any confusion!
foofaraw October 8, 2014
Hi Alp, thanks for the information. The only thing that cause me to ask that is that the number of views of a recipe may effect people's inclination to check it, which could very well be important during a recipe contest (especially that a contest only lasts for a few days). I saw that some recipes are already commented but still have 0 views.
foofaraw October 8, 2014
Lindsay, thanks for connecting me with Alp too!
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