Saved recipes are back but where are the views???

I have always found it helpful to see how many views any of my recipes have received. It's useful and interesting to know what appeals to people, what catches the eye. Is that feature coming back, or is it gone with the wind?

  • Posted by: em-i-lis
  • February 21, 2013


ATG117 February 24, 2013
My one pet peeve is the fact that saved recipes still can't be sorted in any intelligible way
ATG117 February 24, 2013
Well, I actually didn't notice the change until now, but I have to say, I like the new layout of saved recipes a lot. I'll also go out on a limb and disagree with the majority here: I think a saved count is more meaningful than a view count. I also don't mind that saved recipes are public, but curious to know whether I'm missing something re the latter.
QueenSashy February 23, 2013
I second Droplet's request -- it would be great to be able to save notes to self. Sometimes I tweak the recipe gently (a touch of spice more or less, an extra step, etc.) and would love to be able to save the tweaks...
mrslarkin February 23, 2013
Thanks Karl. Personally, I think recipe views are more meaningful. When I make a recipe 3, 4, or 5 times, I'm viewing that recipe each time. When I save a recipe, it's like filing it away. I'm much more prone to use the search box to find a recipe, than going to the saved recipe folder. It's easier than scrolling through pages and pages of saved recipes.

Also, I think saved recipes shouldn't be public.
Droplet February 22, 2013
Just a small question/ suggestion: Is there any chance an "Add a note" feature could be added for recipes that we have saved? Sometimes I'd like to make a note to myself to add something to a certain recipe (a spice, for example), to serve it with another recipe on F52 that I like...

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Karl R. February 22, 2013
Hey all - thanks for taking the time to voice your concerns and for the feedback on recipe collections!

In the longer run, we feel the count of saved recipes is a more meaningful metric to show publicly as it signals a deeper appreciation - also recipe views tends to get skewed by the age of the recipe. Now that we've made saving recipes so much easier - making it possible to save them right from the search results and recipe browsing pages - we hope to see the engagement increase. Early signs already point to this.

That said, we'll keep views in mind and won't make any permanent decisions about displaying it on the recipe page just yet - in the meantime, there are still ways to see the recipe view count and we hope the count of saved recipes can serve as an additional signal of how popular each of your recipes are.
sdebrango February 22, 2013
I will chime in also, I would also love to see views back. I just want to say that I really enjoy the recipe collections, have already started working on organizing my saved recipes. It's wonderful and makes searching for recipes so much easier. It's a great feature.
sdebrango February 22, 2013
I also LOVE that we can save posts to our collection. I know there are still some bugs, there always are when implementing something new but IMHO the changes are fantastic and make the site so user friendly and easy to navigate.
EmilyC February 21, 2013
Hi Amanda,

I second mrslarkin's request, and I'd add that it'd be nice to have the same metrics (# of views, comments and saves) displayed on recipes on our profile pages, just as they are in the search results. I'd also prefer that our 'saved' recipes remain private (as they've been in the past), or at least understand the rationale for making them public.

Thank you!
Kukla February 22, 2013
In addition to all comments, I have a question about the sign “Send me a message “. Yesterday I had a question about one of my recipes and couldn’t answer it via email.
mrslarkin February 21, 2013
I would like the number of views back, too, please.

Amanda, could you ask the tech team to take a look at the grey box that lists "winner" and "finalist"? They seem a bit mixed up and/or missing on my profile page. Also, wildcard wins do not appear at all.

And I think it would make more sense if "recipes" appeared before "saved recipes" on the profile page.
em-i-lis February 21, 2013
Thank you!
em-i-lis February 21, 2013
A, via the link you included, I do see the view counts but only when the recipes are sorted in list form versus grid form. Too, it seems only those recipes i've saved (versus added) show view counts and offer the ability to view in grid or list form. My own recipes are only depicted in grid form and show numbers saved but not viewed. Thx!
Amanda H. February 21, 2013
Ah, got it, I see what you're talking about. Let me talk to our tech team and get back to you.
Amanda H. February 21, 2013
Also, we're going to run a blog post detailing the changes but we needed to first test the feature and this takes a few days. For the first day, only half of the people coming to the site were seeing the changes so if we'd announced it, it could have confused those visitors who weren't seeing the new feature. We released it to everyone yesterday and are still making tweaks. Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.
Amanda H. February 21, 2013
Are you not seeing them on the recipe search results? I see them here: Or are you referring to another place on the site that you would see the view counts?
em-i-lis February 21, 2013
From what I understand via hotline musings, I think people, myself included, enjoyed seeing the number of views per each of our own recipes. So, if I visited my "home page" by clicking on Em-i-lis and then accessed my recipes (those I've added), the view count for each used to show. Now, I can't find views on any of mine except for those in the current contest. Ugh, slow brain...does that make sense?
em-i-lis February 21, 2013
Indeed!! I love metrics. :)
EmilyC February 21, 2013
So glad you posted this ... I also miss the number of views but thought maybe this was my nerdy side who loves metrics coming through. Sounds like I'm in good company! : )
Marie V. February 21, 2013
I also liked that feature, and miss it - it's a great way to see what appeals and what does not.
boulangere February 21, 2013
Saved recipes are back, but where are our own recipes we've posted?
em-i-lis February 21, 2013
Those should still be accessible via your dashboard. Click on "recipes" vs "saved recipes" and they'll come up in grid form. Mine do at least. Hope this works for you!
boulangere February 21, 2013
Thanks, Em. A heads-up about the coming changes would have been nice ;0)
boulangere February 21, 2013
BTW, I posted 2 questions about this and you're the first one to answer. Thank you! And now I'm back to finishing up watching season 3 of Downton Abbey on
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