Sandwich rolls for steak sandwiches?

So we're throwing down a killer flank steak on the grill tomorrow for steak sandwiches. Crispy lettuce, garden tomatoes, quick pickled red onions (and homemade bread and butter pickles) and hot sauce. Figured since we're going all out, we should have a great sandwich roll to go with it. Suggestions for your favorite sandwich roll recipe? I've got time to do an overnight starter and pretty much all the ingredients I could possibly need, so hit me with your best idea!

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • August 19, 2017


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BerryBaby August 19, 2017
No recipe however Costco has great Ciabatta rolls that would be wonderful. Heavy enough to hold up to steak but soft enough to enjoy. BB
inpatskitchen August 19, 2017
This one from AntoniaJames has me interested although I've never made it.
Stephanie G. August 19, 2017
I like brioche hamburger buns.
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