Looking for an octoberfest soup recipe idea. We have soup day at our school and my turn is next week. Help!

No dairy

Richard Johnson


dinner A. October 9, 2014
This butternut squash and apple recipe from Orangette is delicious, easy to make in large volume, and vegan (if you use vegetable stock):
lem M. October 9, 2014
Strong beef broth or consommé is one of the most traditional ways to start any Bavarian meal – with plenty of chopped chives on top and anything from liver or semolina dumplings, tiny meatballs made with sausage meat (usually including dairy), to pasta or (savoury) pancake strips inside.
A classic vegetarian (and easily dairy-free) option would be potato soup: add a bit of marjoram and/or juniper while cooking and fresh chervil as a garnish, with the option to add a dollop of sour cream or cut-up wiener sausage.
Most in line with the Oktoberfest-theme might be a beer soup, usually made with beef stock and dark bock beer; sometimes caramelized onions and cheese are added, sometimes it's thickened with a roux and/or a mixture of sour cream and egg yolks.
Susan W. October 9, 2014
I love the idea of the beer soup with cheese and onions. When I lived in Eugene, Oregon, we used to drive an hour North for beer cheese soup which was served only on Sundays. That and a big chunk of bread hot out of the oven was all a poor college kid needed. So good!!
lem M. October 9, 2014
You know, there are also those versions where the onion-beer-cheese soup is served *inside* a bowl made from a hollowed out (mini) loaf of bread… ;)
Susan W. October 9, 2014
It's your lucky day. Queensashy has an Oktoberfest Soup posted. Just go to the search function above, type in Oktoberfest Soup (with a "k") and search in recipes. It looks like a simple but tasty soup.
lem M. October 9, 2014
Thank you for pointing out that recipe, it sounds absolutely perfect!
lem M. October 9, 2014
(However, many traditional german sausages contain a bit of cream, so make sure you get one without any in order to have a dairy-free soup!)
Susan W. October 9, 2014
Lem, I think I remember Marie Callendars serving their cheese and broccoli soup that way. That was back in high school when I thought that restaurant was the cat's meow. I think I was really just there for the coconut cream pie.
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