Slow cooker recipes

A generous friend just loaned me her slow cooker and I'm on the hunt for some recipes.
Two twists:
It's spring going into summer here and
I have a fussy toddler
Any links or ideas would be so appreciated!

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1 Comment

CarlaCooks October 14, 2014
I always make chicken stock in my slow cooker: just add chopped veg, chicken bones, bay leaf, some peppercorns, and water and cook it on low over night. I also cook beans in the slow cooker: dried beans (I soak them if I remember, otherwise I don't stress about it), perhaps an onion and garlic depending on what kind of flavor I want, water, and salt. If you want spicy beans, it's nice to add a chili or two. If your toddler is into mashed potatoes (and really, who isn't into mashed potatoes), I often make mashed potatoes ahead of dinner and keep them warm in the slow cooker (just add some milk/cream to the bottom of the pot before adding the mash to keep it moist).

For spring/summer recipes: roasts with lots of fresh veg is lovely. You can find a lot of other nice ideas here:
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