one single roast vs two smaller roasts in slow cooker

I needed on 3 lb. roast for a slow cooker recipe, couldn't find, so purchased two smaller ones, with an equivalent weight.
Will this change the 8 hour, on low. cook time?

Donna Banting


Donna B. May 3, 2021
Thanks HalfPint - I got someone to check the doneness of the meat at the 5 hour point and it was perfect. Always tricky, with slow cookers, to get them on before work and then, not be able to view the contents until you're home again. Can result in surprises and not all are good!
HalfPint May 3, 2021
That's great! In general, smaller cuts require far less time because of heat penetration. There's less mass to cook through.
HalfPint May 3, 2021
I would start checking the roasts at 4.5 hours, for doneness/tenderness. Cook longer if needed. You want to avoid overcooking which produces unappetizing dry meat. Slow cookers can vary sooo much even within the same brand/model.
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