How long will it take, more or less, to roast a 5 lb. pork shoulder in a 250 degree oven? It will have been brined, and it will have sat out at room temperature for at least three hours before being seared and then roasted. The recipe says to cook it until its internal temperature is 145 degrees. Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



ninadora December 27, 2010
i i go for as long as 12 hours skin on, its so fatty its hard to overcok as long as you prep it right, this is with a salt adobo rub on the outside and skin on, lightl scored to help sear it and hold in the juices...too short and its not a pleasant piece of meat
Amanda H. December 25, 2010
Our 10 pound shoulder took 4 hours on the grill, and was perfect for slicing.
Kayb December 25, 2010
I'd give it more than that -- probably around 4 hours -- but I like mine to the point that the pork gets pulled, not sliced.
Amanda H. December 24, 2010
2 to 2 1/2 hours.
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