Is cooking 3 small roasts the same as cooking 1 large roast

I am preparing to roast 9 lbs of pork loin (Dorie Greenspan's recipe for chard-stuffed pork roast). However, I have three 3 lb roasts. I am aware that 20-25 minutes per pound is a usual amount to cook a pork loin, BUT, when I cook three 3 lb roasts, it must not take as long as it would to cook one 9 lb roast?? Or, does it? Please help so I know when I should get these roasts in the oven. This is not urgent yet, but it is going to be on Sunday when I must get them started before our midday "Christmas at the Farm".

Andrea Mathieu
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1 Comment

Smaug December 20, 2018
In theory the three small roasts should cook as fast as 1 small roast, but that amount of meat is likely to stretch the capacity of a home oven; there may be problems with heat circulation and you may be drawing heat faster than the oven can provide it, at least at first; there would be less likelihood of problems in a convection oven or a commercial type; I would assume the cooking time for one roast but be prepared to stretch it some, probably not a great deal. It would help to space them as evenly as you can, keeping pans at least a little bit away from the oven walls.
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