I'm roasting boneless pork shoulder today. My butcher took the bone off, so I have two big pieces, around 3.5 lb each. I normally roast pork in the oven (300 F), for around 40 minutes per pound. This is my pickle? Since I'm cooking the pieces in the same roasting time and at the same time, do I calculate the roasting time for 3.5 lb or for 7 lb?

  • Posted by: Puck
  • February 12, 2011


Puck February 14, 2011
Thanks, everybody. I ended cooking it close to 5 hrs, and as pierino suggested one piece cooked faster than the other. But since I shredded the pork (I was making Cochinita Pibil, a yucatecan dish) it was really good, once the pieces got mixed together.
pierino February 12, 2011
Closer to the time for larger roast. But be sure to check the internal temperature. Odds are one piece will cook faster than the other if they are different sizes.
bella S. February 12, 2011
I would treat it like you would any piece of pork shoulder/butt, that you would use for a braise/slow cook/pulled pork. Cook it low and slow until it is pull-apart tender. Since both pieces are about the same size, they should break-down-tender at about the same time. This will just cook faster than it would if you had a 7lb. piece. You get to eat it sooner, which will be nice, since you will be hungry from the house smelling amazing for quite a while.
motease February 12, 2011
I would think you'd be calculating a roasting time closer to 3.5 pounds, but you could just take the guess work out and tie the pieces together with kitchen twine and roast as usual.
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