can I use flour instead of almond meal?

  • Posted by: barb
  • October 15, 2014


Emiko October 18, 2014
Hi Carla, yes potato starch is similar to corn starch (potato flour on the other hand is a completely different product, not to be used in this case!) - In Italy potato starch is used in cakes like sponges for a super fluffy, light result. I've used it often in cakes and although I haven't tried it in this pie yet, I think it might work as a slightly different replacement if someone wanted to substitute for the almond meal.
CarlaCooks October 18, 2014
Interesting! I've never used potato starch as anything but a thickener. Thanks for the information.
Emiko October 18, 2014
Here's an example for making a sponge with potato starch (another recipe that dates back to Artusi's cookbook!):
Emiko October 16, 2014
I actually haven't had experience replacing with flour, but my guess is that it won't really be the same! Over flour, I'd perhaps try any other nut meal or if you're allergic to nuts or don't want to use them, you could perhaps try something like brown rice flour, potato starch or even desiccated coconut.
CarlaCooks October 18, 2014
Potato starch would work? The potato starch I find in Denmark is like a substitute for corn starch; it's used as a thickener and has that same funny feeling between your fingers when you rub it. Perhaps other countries make potato starch that is more similar to flour?
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