What makes a cooky chewy?

  • Posted by: baker2
  • October 17, 2014


baker2 October 28, 2014
It worked. Thank you! I wanted a chewy chocolate chip cookie.
boulangere October 24, 2014
Add about 2 ounces of corn syrup to your dough at the stage when your are creaming the butter and sugar(s). It will prevent the sugar(s) from recrystallizing after baking, making your cookies softer and more chewy.
baker2 October 24, 2014
I will try this today. Thanks.
slarson January 10, 2015
do you adjust sugar amount?
ktr October 23, 2014
I've always found cookies made with margarine to be flatter and crispier than those baked with butter which tend to be softer and chewier.
baker2 October 24, 2014
Thanks for responding. I always use butter because I like the taste. But I still end up with crispy cookie.
Yianna October 18, 2014
Usually the combination of a flour with gluten (AP or bread flour) and melted butter. These two ingredients combined in the dough, makes a cookie very chewy.
baker2 October 24, 2014
I am going to try this. I will be doing some "marathon" baking for Christmas and
would like to find a solution. Thank you.

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