My mother-in-law admitted to liking marzipan. Thrilled, I brought her fresh marzipan from the Santa Monica Farmers' market. Turns out she thinks Marzipan is cookies. Any recipes for Marzipan-based cookies I can bake for her for Christmas??



amysarah December 27, 2010
If it has the consistency of playdough, is neither that sweet nor almond-y in flavor - I'd bet Fat Uncle Farms that what you have is marzipan, not almond paste (which has a spreadable consistency, and is lusciously almondy-sweet.)

Maybe the same seller makes an almond paste too...and btw, it doesn't just pair well with pears, but apples, there are many variations you can do of that tart. Also great rolled into yeast coffee cakes, danish, croissants, etc.
EarlyToBed December 27, 2010
Hi amysarah--the product I have is from CA almond sellers Fat Uncle Farms. It has the consistency of playdough. The ingredients are almonds and sugar and almond extract. It is not very sweet nor does it have a strong strong almond flavor, but perhaps I am spoiled. I love your idea of pear/almond combination and will try that once I escape the in-laws (mom-in-law can't stand pears and many other things--which is why I was so enthused about the marzipan!).
amysarah December 27, 2010
Do you mean marzipan or almond paste? In your comment about the Huguenot Torte, you mention 'paste' - which is often used as a thin layer in tarts, tortes, etc. (My favorite pear tart is spread with almond paste beneath the pear slices - heaven.)

They're slightly different things - both are basically ground almonds, sugar and water, but Marzipan has, I believe, a higher sugar content. Its consistency allows you to shape it (e.g., little fruits you see all over) or roll it out to form 'sheets' and decorations, etc. Almond Paste has a slightly thinner, more spreadable texture and is a bit less sweet and more's usually used as an ingredient in tarts, cakes, etc.

Sounds like you may have used Marzipan in your torte, which might explain the almond flavor getting lost in the mix. I'd try it next time with Almond Paste - it's almond flavor is fairly pronounced - and luscious.

Btw, the commercial brand I usually find in stores is called Odense - they may have a website with more info on each product.
Nora December 26, 2010
I make a Huguenot Torte, too. Did you put the paste in the batter for the layers? It will have added, I'm sure, just a little je ne sais quoi.
EarlyToBed December 26, 2010
I snuck some of the almond paste into last night's dessert Huguenot Torte. I suspect it got a bit lost in there. Still some left--butter cookies?
EarlyToBed December 25, 2010
Thank you katie22!! That's very similar to what I have in mind--a butter cookie encasing an almond-y filling.
katie22 December 25, 2010
These chocolate marzipan cookies look excellent!
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