Suppose you need to fix 2 main dishes for 30 people each, one of them vegetarian, one of them freestyle. What would you pick?

  • Posted by: Nora
  • October 19, 2014


Nora November 11, 2014
I went with King Ranch Chicken, multiplied. I added broccoli florets (frozen, for cost and time considerations). I kept it milder than I would have done for home, and got lots of compliments and requests for the recipe. I roasted a lot of root vegetables to go on the side, with lemon tahini mint dressing. Success! Thanks for all the good ideas, people.
aargersi November 11, 2014
HURRAH! Thanks for letting us know!!! So glad it worked ...
aargersi October 20, 2014
I assume you want something that you can cook and then transport? I would go King Ranch Chicken:

And for the vegetarians, just up the mushroom and veggies, and use vegetable stock. Then I would make a gigantic green salad for all and call it a day!
Nora October 20, 2014
I will add that chicken dish to my repertoire, no matter what! Thanks.
ChefJune November 11, 2014
What a great recipe Abbie! How many people does it REALLY serve? It looks HUGE.
aargersi November 11, 2014
Thanks June! OK so last time I made it there were four of us, and we ate a lot, and I froze two separate portions for my mother in law, and the guests took leftovers and we ate it again so, um, that's 10 generous portions? But we were pigs so really 12? It's a beast.
Stephanie G. October 20, 2014 with meat and béchamel and another with butternut squash and sage for the vegetarian bunch.
CarlaCooks October 20, 2014
Freestyle? Oh no, is this another silly diet or 'life style'?

You could make two batches of chilli: one vegetarian and one meat. That way you could economize on the sides: corn bread, chips, cheese, sliced scallions, salsa, and all the other fixings you like. This would also allow you to make most of the meal ahead of time and it's easy to keep it warm while serving.
Nora October 20, 2014
Hey, Carla. What I meant by freestyle is, omnivores. Though that is a dying breed, right?

I like the chili idea a lot--have done that before--but this happens to be a meal for actors and musicians prior to a performance, so may need to go milder.
CarlaCooks October 21, 2014
Oh my, too many beans right before a performance! Good thinking on making something else :)
bigpan October 19, 2014
Make a ratatouille that can be a main for the veggie with cheese or not, and a side for the carnivores. Then regular vegetable sides for all.
Jeff G. October 19, 2014
Cheese enchiladas and pulled pork tacos with Jicama and apple slaw
Nora October 20, 2014
Love that, Jeff. Not sure I'll go that way, but it's a great menu.
Susan W. October 19, 2014
I'd probably go short ribs served over polenta and the beautiful eggplant tower from this site.
Jeff G. October 19, 2014
Cheese enchiladas
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