food52hotline what is the best way to reheat last night breaded pork chops



ChezHenry October 25, 2014
Id fry them again, gently to recrisp and reheat simply. I do it with leftover chicken cutlets for lunch often.
bigpan October 24, 2014
I don't own a microwave machine.
Sam1148 October 23, 2014
Breaded. Nuke them for 20 seconds to warm through. Then put them in a cast on low iron pan to re-crisp the crust and drive out moisture. No one like soggy bottom pork chops.
bigpan October 23, 2014
I would steam to bring them to serving temperature, then put under the broiler to get the breaking crispy again.
If you leave them too long under the broiler you run the risk of having blackened chops that will not taste like they are from Nawlins.
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