Can I make gravy from beef bouillon cubes? If so, how? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • October 23, 2014


Ashley B. August 19, 2017
I needed gravy in a pinch so I did 3 bullion cubes to 1 1/2 cups water added 1/4onion, 1/4 butter and 1/4 flour all in a sauce pan at once it heated and thicken for gravy I needed added prepped to taste too it worked out great for a gravy in a pinch!!
Tasha October 25, 2014
Hahaha I know how to make a roux. Thanks for all your answers. I opted to not use any gravy.
Boil O. October 24, 2014
Some good answers here. But would you want to? Full of chemicals, salt, and mono sodium glutamate in some.

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Susan W. October 23, 2014
A gravy with no fat? Does not compute. An easy roux with the beef fat and a sprinkling of flour and then the bouillon and water mixture added will make a more traditional gravy.
Sam1148 October 23, 2014
Well yeah...but given the poster is probably level 1 on cooking skills. Making a roux might be above the grade.
Roux comes in 102...this is 101...right after "boil water"....and then then they burn the water.
Susan W. October 24, 2014
Lol. I interpreted the question as "can I use bouillon instead of beef stock to make a gravy". Now the op has the option to do what will work for them. It takes a village.
bigpan October 23, 2014
I agree with Sam but remember the more cubes you use the saltier it will taste. A good splash of red will not hurt either.
Sam1148 October 23, 2014
The simplest way is to heat the cubes and water..and then stir in a tsp or two of cornstarch mixed with water. Heat it until it thickens up. Add more cornstarch/water mixture and more heat to get right thickness. It should boil to thicken.
lem M. October 24, 2014
to easily deal with the lack of fat in this super-easy version, I think one could just add a bit of heavy cream along with the cubes&water
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