Have a lot of leftover mushroom/shallot/rosemary gravy made with marsala wine and beef stock-- can I make it into a soup? Or do something else with it?



ShieldCook7 September 30, 2010
I'd say reduce it 60mins and freeze it. Combine with a butter and/or basic Alfredo for pasta sauce in the future.
pierino September 29, 2010
To me, this sounds like it might make a good foundation for a "pot pie" with some meat and carrots and chopped leeks added, if it really is gravy-like. At least that's where I would be going.
Hilarybee September 29, 2010
I like to freeze gravy. Measure it out, and place them in plastic freezer bags. Put them on a tray and let them harden. Soon you will have gravy disks to use whenever you need them.
mrslarkin September 29, 2010
Sounds like it would make a great onion soup too. Cook down a bunch of onions in butter maybe and add the liquid a little at a time.
Savorykitchen September 29, 2010
that sounds like a delicious beef & barley soup base - just add it in when you add broth or water.

It might also make an interesting part of the custard base in a savory bread pudding like this one: http://www.food52.com/recipes/580_savory_bread_pudding I would just sub in the gravy in equal quantities for the milk and/or cream.
Kristen M. September 29, 2010
That sounds so good! Not sure about the soup idea -- but why not try? I'd heat some up in a pot and whisk in a bit of water, stock or milk. Otherwise, you could use it as a starting point for a yummy shepherd's pie.
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