What are everyone's favorite rabbit recipes.

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • October 25, 2014


aargersi October 26, 2014
Oh boy - I love rabbit! I always cook rabbit on Easter (and venison around Christmas because I am twisted) I have a couple of recipes here on Food52 and if you just search rabbit there is a good collection. I made one from "cooking With Italian Grandmothers" where you cut slits in the legs and fill them with slices of fennel and onion, then do a slow braise with broth and wine. Yum.
Here are mine:
ChezHenry October 25, 2014
Lapin a la Moutarde. Break your rabbit down into eight pieces, season with salt/pepper and generously coat with good quality Dijon Mustard. Saute, turning frequently in a medium-high heat pan with olive oil, until browned and crisped, 15-18 minutes(take out the saddle pieces in 12). Remove, then to the pan add sliced shallots, a clove of minced garlic, some herbs-a bit of thyme or tarragon, deglaze with some white wine. Once reduced, a few tablespoons of creme fraiche and a tablespoon of butter...add the rabbit back to gently reheat and baste in the sauce. C'est Magnifique.
Second one is fron Fergus Hendersons Nose to Tail, Fried Rabbit. A bit involved, but he takes a rabbit, and basically confits it gently in his Troter Gear. The beautifully tender rabbit is then fried like fried chicken. Serve some mustard on the side (see a theme here, mustard and rabbit rocks). I cooked two of these for a buddy and I this summer. His first comment was "how many people are u feeding??!". After demolishing he platter, he said it was the best thing he ever ate.
aargersi October 26, 2014
I need to try both of these!
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