How long can a rabbit sit in marinade?

So I was in the ridiculous position of chopping up an aging rabbit at 5:15am this morning, trying not to wake everyone up. Marinaded it in white wine, salt, pepper, piment d'espilette, garlic, oil and bay leaf. Family now doesnt want to eat it tonight. How long can it sit? Should I dry the pieces off? Or will be be ok for a day? Thanks. Ian Fisher

  • Posted by: fisheri
  • April 24, 2012


bigpan April 24, 2012
Until he jumps out.
Otherwise, the meat will have sucked up enough marinade taste in about four hours.
A good method to marinate it to put the meat and marinade in a vacuum pack bag.
fisheri April 24, 2012
Thanks again. My family wanted, I'm shamed to say, the IKEA meatballs my wife bought there today.
aargersi April 24, 2012
Yum - rabbit - I like a long brine or marinade on mine but true that the salt level in the marinade is an important consideration. I think the greater question is why in the world doesn't your family want to eat it, it sounds delicious!!!!
fisheri April 24, 2012
Thanks very much. I just worried the rabbit might get overwhelmed or too salty. Appreciate it. Ian
ChefJune April 24, 2012
It won't get too salty unless your marinade is very salty.

Personally, I don't think rabbit needs a marinade. It's so flavorful and tender all on its own. Marinating it another day will make it kind of like "Sauerbraten of Rabbit."
Greenstuff April 24, 2012
Sounds delicious! One of my favorite rabbit recipes specifies keeping the rabbit in the marinade for 3 days. You'll be fine.
Maedl April 24, 2012
Keep it in the marinade. the wine is acidic enough to keep it until tomorrow. Personally, I like meats marinaded for longer periods--they take on more flavor.
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