About to embark on a ravioli pasta dough, is AP flour ok as 1:1 sub for 00 flour?



klrcon October 26, 2014
You can make lovely ravioli dough with AP flour - I have an old family recipe and do it that way all the time. I'd share it but it's just a list of ingredients with no quantities and you have to have the right feel for it to make it come out right - and there's really no way to explain that because you'd have to learn that from my nonna over the course of years of helping her out. But since AP IS different from 00 I fear the proportions of wet to dry ingredients, etc. may be a little off if you substitute 1:1. So my suggestion would be to google a recipe made specifically with AP flour and go from there. But you should be fine and I wish you good luck.
Susan W. October 26, 2014
I agree with Lem. 00 produces a more tender dough, but even the 00s are different by brand. I'd go with AP and after you are comfortable, you can start to try other flours.
lem M. October 25, 2014
to make it short: I think you’ll be fine!

there are probably as many pasta recipes as there are italian nonne (and then some), all with different flours and ratios: usually its either one or a mix of 00 wheat flour and durum wheat semola rimacinata (i.e. “re-ground”, finer semolina) mixed with whole eggs, yolks, and/or water (or any combination thereof) — clearly these yield very different doughs but pretty much all of them are delicious. Usually, I like to keep a ratio of about 55–65g of liquid (a small to medium egg) for every 100g of flour(s) and just knead until smooth and elastic.
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