can I use 00 flour for a short crust pie dough

  • Posted by: Doris
  • November 20, 2018


Anna B. November 20, 2018
Hello Doris,
OO flour is finer milled and I do believe may affect the amount of water you'll end up using, and may also result in a chewier crust. It would not be my first go to flour for a pastry dough but if your guests have all arrived, are clamoring for pie and its the only thing you have- I'd say got for it. The worst thing that will happen is a chewier/denser texture-and you'll still have a pie!
Smaug November 20, 2018
There's some confusion- or perhaps just inconsistency- in the gluten content of )) flour, but tables I've seen list it as typically 9%, lower than most AP flours. As with any pie dough, the amount of water used should depend on how the dough is behaving that day- it really can't be predetermined accurately.
Smaug November 20, 2018
00 flour; )) flour is rarely seen
Barbaralovesbaking January 17, 2020
00 flour can be found everywhere. It's not rare at all. My grocery store sell it.
Smaug November 20, 2018
Yes. I suspect it will work quite well; it tends to hydrate more easily than American flour.
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