Southern Sherried Shrimp

Can this dish be made the night before a party, then reheated (if I undercook the shrimp). Also, do you think it would be appropriate as an appetizer, using toothpicks? Thank you.

Molly Jones


bigpan October 30, 2014
With due respect to ChezHenry's concern about serving at the table (a good idea), I would have no problem par-cooking the shrimp to "just done", then put in an ice bath to stop the cooking.
Serve cold on a bed of Bibb lettuce and pour the sherry with a bit of lemon as a vinegrette.
On the other hand I am a big fan of sushi so I have no problem making a shrimp ceviche with just enough acid (lemon and lime) to "cook" the shrimp and toss with a Nawlins spice mix for the southern flavor.
ChezHenry October 31, 2014
"just done" is perfect, its the "undercooked" referred to in the post thats a no-no. Heating something up and leaving it in the Bacteria Danger Zone is dangerous.
I too love ceviche-but its always kept and served ice cold, and the acids introduced both cure and impede bacteria growth. The same with sushi, but the shrimp sushi I eat is always cooked in some fashion.
Again my hope is to promote healthy cooking, and the idea to "undercook" or "par-cook" proteins like this is so risky, and the potential consequences so bad, I hope people will take this idea/methodology out of their cooking bag of tricks. I understand how persons might believe this idea will work, but the bacteria issues trump here.
ChezHenry October 30, 2014
I would give it a try, however its never good practice to par-cook proteins like this, in the hopes of preventing overcooking upon reheating. While restaurants use such techniques in controlled environments, its a recipe for serious bacteria issues that can be very bad for you and your guests health. People should take that idea out of their bag of cooking tricks.
My only other point is that I love Shrimp and Scallops as an appetizer when Im entertaining, even for large groups. Assemble all of your ingredients prior, and in 5 minutes theyre cooked and on the plate. This recipe has about 7 minutes of active cooking, Id do it a la minute for maximum flavor!
nutcakes October 30, 2014
I'll be interested to see what people say. I haven't made it. I don't usually cook shrimp ahead unless it is going to be served cold, since they cook so quick and overcooked is not that nice. But if you need to, it sounds like you can cook up to the time you return the shrimp to the finished sauce. Chill and reheat the sauce first, then add the shrimp. I think that would work for a party and it does sound like a good hors d'oeuvres with toothpick. The few comments really rave about it although it sounds so plain and simple, I'm curious.

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