Swiss Roll Cake Crack. The cake rise up (as seems like there's air bubbles) and crack at the 4 corners of the baking tray when baking in the oven. I d

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1 Comment

creamtea April 30, 2020
can you trim each of the edges so as to eliminate the cracked parts? Is the remainder still usable? (I always trim the edges in any case to eliminate the crisp dry parts and make the cake more easily rollable, so that may be one solution).
A few questions:
In mixing the batter, might you have used too much chemical leavening, or subbed baking soda for baking powder (or the reverse)?
Might you have used self-rising flour in addition to the chemical leavening?
Too much leavening and the cake would rise too much and too quickly, leading to those cracked parts.
Once trimmed, I would taste a bit from the edges to make sure the flavor's right before proceeding, just in case.
Alternatively, you could turn it into a layered dessert like a Charlotte or parfait, with custard and/or whipped cream, fruit or jam, etc.
Good luck!
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