Beachball sized cabbage.

What do I do with? A family of 30 could make a whole meal.
I would best appreciate recipes that you have grazing before.

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • November 6, 2014


kimhw November 9, 2014
Sauerkraut happily fermenting. Braised cabbage was great tonight and we will see how freezing goes. Cabbage soup is amazing and getting ready for the freezer. Thank you for all the suggestions.
Susan W. November 9, 2014
I made the Suspiciously Delicious cabbage last night. It's amazing. I did add pancetta. One bowl was dinner. It's very rich. It's amazing how much the cabbage cooked down. I highly recommend it.
strawberrygirl November 8, 2014
Marcella Hazan's rice and smothered cabbage soup is great:

The smothered cabbage freezes well, so you can make a double batch of the cabbage and freeze some for later.
kimhw November 8, 2014
Thanks everyone. I would love to hear if anyone has frozen any of these.
I'm definitely making sauerkraut. It will be perfect for day after thanksgiving turkey Rubens.
Pegeen November 8, 2014
Alas, you can't freeze Colcannon (or my freezer would be loaded with it!). The mashed potatoes would get too mushy on defrosting. But someone above mentioned giving shredded cabbage a light steaming or blanching, then freeze portions in plastic storage bags. I would just be sure to squeeze excess moisture out between dishtowels before putting in the freezer storage bags.
sfmiller November 8, 2014
Many good ideas here but nobody's mentioned roasting, one of my favorite simple ways to enjoy cabbage. Cut the cabbage into wedges or slices about 3/4 to 1" thick (wedges are easiest to handle if you cut them through the center and include a bit of the core), brush generously with oil of choice or butter, put on a sheet pan, season with S&P (or spices of choice--almost anything works with cabbage) and roast at 400 to 450 F, turning once, until the cabbage is tender with brown edges.

You can serve hot as is or with a splash of lemon juice or wine or sherry vinegar. Or let the cabbage cool a little, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and dress with a mustardy vinaigrette and add-ins of choice (parsley or dill, chopped scallions or shallots, bacon, apples, whatever) for a warm salad.

You can do the same thing on a grill; it helps if you have a grill basket to keep the cabbage from slipping through the grates.
klrcon November 7, 2014
Some great ideas here that I'm going to have to try. I'll suggest some variations on sautéed cabbage - you can start with bacon lardons for a heartier version and brown the cabbage in the bacon fat. Or you can go with just plain butter, always a winner. You can also add onions, and/or shredded carrots or parsnips, and/or sliced mushrooms and/or caraway seeds, which make the cabbage more digestible. Use as a side for browned kielbasa with some mashed potatoes maybe or toss with egg noodles or cooked kasha, those bacon lardons or slices of cooked kielbasa and maybe some toasted sunflower/pumpkin seeds for crunch. Good luck!
dinner A. November 7, 2014
Pain au chou (a traditional French cabbage gratin) is really delicious. I recently made it from Deborah Madison's recipe in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone -- if you don't have the book, it looks like that page is available free in Google Books:

I prepared it slightly differently based on what's in my fridge and my preference for steaming instead of boiling: instead of parboiling, I steamed the cabbage until tender but still crunchy, and I subbed whole milk greek yogurt for the crème fraîche.

I also like cabbage stir-fried in a very hot pan, with a little soy sauce and hot sauce added at the end.

There's also a simple type of side dish from Kerala that can be a wide variety of vegetables, with some light spices and shredded coconut. I think it's particularly good with cabbage. Here's a recipe that's similar to the one I use:
Pegeen November 7, 2014
Colcannon (sauteed cabbage, mashed potatoes, bacon)
luvcookbooks November 7, 2014
This makes a great main course and cooks down. The whole family liked it and there were no leftovers even though it was entered for "Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow".
Nancy November 7, 2014
you can blanch some (all?) and freeze in usable portions. lasts about a year in freezer.
ChezHenry November 7, 2014
Bubble and Squeak! One of those "leftover" dishes where you make sure you cook enough cabbage to ensure you have leftovers....
I still love simple sauteed cabbage, heaps of shredded cabbage into the pan with a big knob of butter and a sparse few tablespoons of water, heavy shot of salt and pepper, cooked down gently....
Onto the bubble and squeak..saute a diced onion in some butter along with a clove of diced garlic. To this add your leftover cabbage and continue to cook down for about 5 minutes. Next a 2-3 cups of leftover mash potatoes is stirred into this, then take the back of your spoon and flatten it out in your frying pan like a pancake. Watch your heat, but let it brown nicely as it sputters and squeaks along(thus the name). Be patient, as this crust is key! Flip this pancake by loosening the edges, inverting onto a plate, and sliding it back into the pan. Brown this side now, and when ready to serve, slice into wedges. It was a common Monday morning addition to fried eggs in my house growing up, or Monday night "hot open sandwich" night, where my mother would slice the leftover Sunday Roast atop a slice of bread with leftover gravy. Leftovers never tasted so good.
drbabs November 7, 2014
I loved this idea and made the smothered cabbage for dinner tonight. Very delicious. Thank you.
Maedl November 7, 2014
Krautflecken is an Austrian stand-by made from cabbage and noodles. The sum is much greater than the parts. The recipe I use is at

Sauerkraut is a good way to preserve large quantities of cabbage. If you go this route, cut the cabbage as finely as you can for an authentic sauerkraut. The cabbage is too coarsly chopped in most of the American versions I have sampled.
MTMitchell November 6, 2014
This is the suspiciously delicious cabbage recipe and it's wonderful.

Even my "but I don't like cabbage..." husband loves it.
Susan W. November 7, 2014
This sounds amazing. I am making it today. It sounds like one of those dishes that I want huge bowls of snd don't really want to share. I may add some pancetta since I have a chunk in my fridge.
ktr November 7, 2014
It is really good. And ridiculously easy to make.
Susan W. November 6, 2014
You could make sauerkraut and/or kimchi. Tons of recipes online and maybe here too. Easy to make and they both last a long time, so no need to gobble them up.
ktr November 6, 2014
We had a ton of cabbage around our house last month and the most requested recipe I found was the suspiciously delicious cabbage recipe here on food52 (sorry I can't seem to get the recipe to link).
kimhw November 6, 2014
Tell me more about it.
ktr November 7, 2014
This is the link to the recipe:
It is basically creamed cabbage but the you cook the cabbage down quite a bit before adding the cream in order to get a nice caramelized flavor to the cabbage. We have eaten it with brats, sausages and bean burgers.
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