I have an extra head of fresh uncooked cabbage. How can I make it last till April 4th?

What's the best way to store a head of fresh cabbage for more than two weeks? Fridge? Wrapped? Etc???



boulangere March 16, 2015
P.S. the 50 cents is predicated on our local price today of two heads for one dollar.
boulangere March 16, 2015
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, cabbage is cheap as dirt here, too. So go ahead, buy and extra head, and store it in one of the crisper drawers of your refrigerator. Cabbage has a long shelf life. And if it spoils, you're only out 50 cents, right?
ChefJune March 16, 2015
It depends partly on how fresh the cabbage is when you put it into the fridge. In my experience grocery store cabbage doesn't always make an extended stay as it may have been sitting around in the store or warehouse already for a while before you get it home. OTOH, cabbage I've bought from the farmer at the greenmarket keeps a very long time. I just take the limp outer leaves off.
cakesy March 16, 2015
I usually store cabbage in the crisper drawer in a plastic baggie...it always lasts for weeks that way. The outer leaves might be a little limp but I just peel them away and what's underneath is fine!
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