In your article you mentioned using self-rising white lily but the recipe calls for all-purpose?

  • Posted by: jlavoie
  • November 7, 2014
Buttermilk Biscuits
Recipe question for: Buttermilk Biscuits


frizz January 31, 2015
I've read the comments on the article, the recipe, and here. It seems that there is no answer here. Since there are no comments about how to successfully make this recipe, I'd prefer that Food52 not promote it.
AntoniaJames February 3, 2015
I agree. I also suggest that the Food52 senior editors adopt a policy that anyone on the Food52 staff who posts a recipe have the courtesy to respond to comments and questions on any related articles, in the recipes themselves, and on the Hotline. The credibility and reliability of the site is affected by this. ;o) P.S. It would also be helpful if more testing by home cooks were done. More and more lately, I've been disappointed by staff-contributed recipes, which suggests that in the rush constantly to publish "new" content, less testing is being done.
AntoniaJames February 3, 2015
i would also note that even though a question in another thread was raised regarding the weight of the flour called for -- 24 ounces, which is not 5 cups -- the recipe has not been changed to 22 ounces, which is the quantity Erin determined is the correct amount. (If using White Lily, according to their conversion ratios, the amount would be 21.) ;o)
meganvt01 November 8, 2014
This is a good question. If I use non self rising do I need to add more baking powder than the recipe calls for? Or does the recipe assume the flour is without leavening?
jlavoie November 7, 2014
This is what I read.
Susan W. November 7, 2014
That is confusing. It makes the recipe vague. As Diana suggested, I would send Erin a message. If you look at the comments, there are suggestions, but I would want to get the info from Erin.
Diana B. November 7, 2014
You might try sending Erin a private message via this site, since she doesn't seem to have seen your question.
ChefJune November 7, 2014
I'm not Erin, but I've been making biscuits with White Lily flour since I moved to the East Coast where the flour is much higher in protein than in my native midwest. I personally prefer the all-purpose flour and add my own baking powder to the self-rising. The recipe Erin posted should yield you biscuits like you see in that beautiful photo.
Susan W. November 7, 2014
I only see ap flour (white lily is the best) in the recipe. Is there more of an article than the short paragraph by Erin?
AntoniaJames November 7, 2014
Susan W, there is also this post, on "Baking Basics": Cheers! ;o)
Susan W. November 7, 2014
Thanks AJ. The OP linked that as well, but it still wasn't clear to me. I've given up coffee two days ago, so my confusion could be blamed on that. ;)
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