Anyone have a recipe for a soft oatmeal raisin cookie?

Ideally, the cookie is large (1/4-1/3 cup dough per cookie) but I can adjust baking time if cookie is smaller. Possibly made partially with cake flour.

  • Posted by: CherieK
  • November 11, 2014


Droplet November 12, 2014
Here is another one that yields soft and chewy oatmeal cookies with a generous amount of raisins used in a different way.
cookinginvictoria November 12, 2014
I tested mrslarkin's Chubby Chewy Whole Wheat Oatmeal Cookies for a food52 recipe contest and they are delicious with a lovely soft texture:
Nancy November 12, 2014
Not necessarily soft, but unusual and very fine. calls for dried cherries, but/and these may be replaced by raisins, nuts other dried fruit.
ChefJune November 12, 2014
These cookies always stay soft. And they are delicious!

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boulangere November 11, 2014
Take out a tablespoon of the granulated sugar and replace it with a tablespoon of corn syrup. The small amount of acid in the corn syrup will prevent some of the sugar crystals in the baked cookies from re-crystallizing, and make your cookies softer. Also, add an addition egg.
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