Frying a turkey

My in-laws want to fry a turkey but my mother in-law is not a fan of peanuts. I would like to fry the turkey in peanut oil. Would anyone suggest using another type of oil?



sfmiller November 12, 2014
Any refined vegetable oil with a high smoke point will do the job: corn, safflower, cottonseed, soybean, a "frying blend" mixture. I prefer not to fry in canola oil (it develops a slightly fishy aroma that I find off-putting) but that would also work.

Seriously, though, I doubt your peanut-disliking mother-in-law would even know you fried in peanut oil unless you told her. Refined peanut oil doesn't taste much like peanuts--or anything, really.
Scottielew November 12, 2014
That's what I was thinking too! It doesn't taste like peanuts and the flavor is amazing! Thank you!!
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