can you recommend any spicy stir-fry sauce for chicken that involves me using peanut butter and chili?



Kitchen B. December 30, 2010
Here's a link to my peanut butter chicken recipe
healthierkitchen December 30, 2010
a completely inauthentic but easy recipe:

just add a hit of sriracha or chili garlic sauce at the end.
cheekoli December 30, 2010
I often make a simple classic peanut dressing, that is essentially just equal parts peanut butter and rice wine vinegar. Its excellent as a salad dressing, on fish and chicken, lettuce wraps, or with noodles. The possibilities are endless!

Of course you'll want to flavor it up with any of: chilies, lemon grass, sesame oil, miso, tahini, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, chili oil, curry powder, etc. Whatever you have on hand :) You can also substitute some/all the rice wine vinegar for other acidic ingredients like lemon/lime juice or apple cider vinegar and sugar.

Now I want to make this tonight!

anyone December 30, 2010
Now understand that being a White male I am the last person to ask for Authentic Asian cuisine being that my background is french cuisine but for my family I make a simple spicy peanut sauce that is somewhat of a thai influance. Heres the sauce:
6 Tblsp of peanut butter ( I like crunchy)
1 Fresh thai red chili pepper seeded and chopped
juice of 1 lime'
4 tblsp of coconut milk
a little salt to taste.
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