Thank you, Food52, for 5 fun, interesting years. I celebrate with great happiness November 14, 2009. :o)

That was the day that Cathy Barrow, aka MrsWheelbarrow, encouraged me to check out this wonderful new food site, and to sign up. I'm so glad I did. Love you, everybody. ;o)



SKK November 15, 2014
Back at you AJ, and it was a blessing when I discovered Food52.
luvcookbooks November 14, 2014
Happy you are here, too, cheers!!
Susan W. November 14, 2014
AJ, I am a newbie on this site, but I always find you kind, informative and a kick in the pants to talk to. :)
aargersi November 14, 2014
Love all of you too!! This site has been life changing in a VERY GOOD WAY!!
drbabs November 14, 2014
Love you, too, AJ. XO
Pegeen November 14, 2014
Cheers, AJ! You are an inspiration. God bless, and many more recipes to come. :-)

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Greenstuff November 14, 2014
5 years, 34 collections, 202 recipes, 7 articles, and 577 followers. I'd say you found a community. (Anyone reading this should check out those 202 recipes!)
creamtea November 14, 2014
Cheers, AJ!
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