Restaurants in New Orleans

I've been tasked with planning the Saturday night dinner for a celebration weekend with four girls in New Orleans. We're looking for somewhere special to celebrate our friend with GOOD FOOD! I know there were some similar threads on here about New Orleans restaurants but they were all a few years old, so I was hoping to revive the topic. Any recommendations?

  • Posted by: LucyS
  • April 15, 2016


Raquelita April 23, 2016
A few more to consider (all but Paladar would be considered fine dining I guess)

Paladar 511 (Marigny); the online menu is less special than the offerings you'll find during your visit--something feels very right about the seasonal and local focus, and the restaurant's ambiance is very special but still casual and personal
Sylvain (French Quarter)
Galatoire's (French Quarter); no reservations, but if you're interested in classic and fancy and very well prepared, this might be your choice; very attentive service
Compere Lapin (CBD); delicious, unique
La Petite Grocery (Uptown);
Josephine Estelle in the Ace Hotel (CBD/Downtown); getting rave reviews and on-trend with from-scratch Italian influenced food in the city

Personally I think casual and un-fancy food is really the star of this city; fancy food and drink might not be the shining star, but service tends to be amazing at those places; so if you're planning on settling in for an evening with a relaxed pace of drinking and eating, then go upscale. Definitely use for current hot spots, too.
mickle April 19, 2016
Always Mr. B's--stop in at Monteleone Hotel carousel bar first for cocktail- right across the street. Also Jacques-imo's if you can handle the wait; Pelican Club--old Nola--making me want to go; best food in US!
aargersi April 18, 2016
Check out Cochon:

If you want to stay in the Quarter I would recommend NOLA, or Mr. Bs (BBQ shrimp is messy but amazing)

We had a VERY good brunch at Muriel's just off Jackson Square, and there is a place called Pelican Club that seem to remember a seafood feast at ... Those are all in the Quarter

You could try Peche Seafoodd Grill which I think is a Besch restaurant, or of course Commanders. There are a wealth of great places, I would say just steer clear of the obviously "feed 'em drink 'em and get 'em out" places - there is a lot of that right along the river and at the front of Jackson Square.

Bring loose clothes -- that's another thing - so much good stuff to be had ...

Emily L. April 16, 2016
second Shaya for amazing Israeli, and Commanders Palace for more classic New Orleans food!
CanadaDan April 16, 2016
Commanders palace. Uggghhhhh
HalfPint April 15, 2016
My BFF who is currently living in New Orleans recommends:


Good food, reasonable prices
Devangi R. April 15, 2016
Shaya restaurant is really good.
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