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Restaurants in New Orleans

I've been tasked with planning the Saturday night dinner for a celebration weekend with four girls in New Orleans. We're looking for somewhere special to celebrate our friend with GOOD FOOD! I know there were some similar threads on here about New Orleans restaurants but they were all a few years old, so I was hoping to revive the topic. Any recommendations?

asked by LucyS 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

Shaya restaurant is really good.

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HalfPint is a trusted home cook.

added 9 months ago

My BFF who is currently living in New Orleans recommends:


Good food, reasonable prices

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added 9 months ago

Commanders palace. Uggghhhhh

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added 9 months ago

second Shaya for amazing Israeli, and Commanders Palace for more classic New Orleans food!

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Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 9 months ago

Check out Cochon:

If you want to stay in the Quarter I would recommend NOLA, or Mr. Bs (BBQ shrimp is messy but amazing)

We had a VERY good brunch at Muriel's just off Jackson Square, and there is a place called Pelican Club that seem to remember a seafood feast at ... Those are all in the Quarter

You could try Peche Seafoodd Grill which I think is a Besch restaurant, or of course Commanders. There are a wealth of great places, I would say just steer clear of the obviously "feed 'em drink 'em and get 'em out" places - there is a lot of that right along the river and at the front of Jackson Square.

Bring loose clothes -- that's another thing - so much good stuff to be had ...

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added 9 months ago

Always Mr. B's--stop in at Monteleone Hotel carousel bar first for cocktail- right across the street. Also Jacques-imo's if you can handle the wait; Pelican Club--old Nola--making me want to go; best food in US!

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added 9 months ago

A few more to consider (all but Paladar would be considered fine dining I guess)

Paladar 511 (Marigny) the online menu is less special than the offerings you'll find during your visit--something feels very right about the seasonal and local focus, and the restaurant's ambiance is very special but still casual and personal
Sylvain (French Quarter) http://www.sylvainnola...
Galatoire's (French Quarter); no reservations, but if you're interested in classic and fancy and very well prepared, this might be your choice; very attentive service
Compere Lapin (CBD); delicious, unique
La Petite Grocery (Uptown); http://www.lapetitegrocery...
Josephine Estelle in the Ace Hotel (CBD/Downtown); http://josephineestelle... getting rave reviews and on-trend with from-scratch Italian influenced food in the city

Personally I think casual and un-fancy food is really the star of this city; fancy food and drink might not be the shining star, but service tends to be amazing at those places; so if you're planning on settling in for an evening with a relaxed pace of drinking and eating, then go upscale. Definitely use for current hot spots, too.

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