The new site is neither relaxing nor joyful to use. How do I access all of a cooks recipes? How do I find the names you previously featured?

I have found some great recipes on Food 52. Specific cooks have submitted recipes. I have loved. When looking for something else new to try I often plugged in their name to try another of their recipes. I am having trouble sorting recipe using the new site search feature. The old shop feature introduced me to some great sources. How do I find them on your new site?



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Sam1148 October 21, 2011
Sometimes we're trained seals..used to honking the buttons we're accustomed too. Rearrange those buttons or horns..and we're confused. I know I am..where's the edit button on posts? etc..etc...

They did a major site redesign..there's going to be some technical issues. It maybe that some sites features we used to like won't be deployed until later...or even in a different manner. Such is change.
I do want an edit button for hotline (pickle) I really have a speeling problem in posts. (g).
Montana C. October 21, 2011
Me, too Sam1148. The fingers tend to move faster than the eyes. At least mine do. My speeling suffers as well.
boulangere October 20, 2011
When I try to find cooks using the upper right search, all I get is the very top of the cook's page (photo, name and the few lines after it, and a photo of the latest recipe. The rest of the page consists of the dark purple section at the very bottom of the home page.
SKK October 21, 2011
I just checked your cook's page, Boulangere, and I had to hit View my 72 recipes (bold type) underneath your name. It took awhile to load, and I do see your wonderful recipes.
Montana C. October 21, 2011
Experiencing a bit of insomnia here in Big Sky Country. You are as kind as always, SKK, but when I enter SKK into the upper right field and search on Cooks from the pulldown menu, I unfortunately get what I described above. I'm using Safari on a Mac.
ellenl October 20, 2011
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Amanda H. October 20, 2011
For now, we don't have shop, but all of the offers in our new shop section come from food producers and stores that were in the old shop. We hand select and curate the offers we're featuring -- we dream them up and work with the shops and artisans to come up with a fun offer for you!
drbabs October 20, 2011
You can find the cooks you like in the upper right hand corner of the home page. Type the name into "enter search term" and in the box next to it, place your cursor on the drop down arrow and select cooks. Then you can find all that person's recipes. (But be warned--the page loads slowly, something I know they are working on.)

It seems as if the old shop has disappeared. I miss those resources, too, especially now that I'm thinking about the holidays. The only shopping seems to be the sponsored offers.
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