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I am cooking mutton in a frying pan but it's not getting cooked properly. I don' have a pressure cooker too. What should I do to cook it?

Mutton on an induction cooker.
Its already 2 hours.
Cooking on a temperature of 500.
Mutton qas of 10-15 kgs

asked by Chaitanya Manas over 2 years ago
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added over 2 years ago

Is the mutton whole, and are you trying to fry it? Or is there stock, etc? I have only cooked mutton in Lancashire Hot Pot and it is cut into cutlets, put into a casserole (with other ingredients) has stock added and cooks for 2.5 hours @ 325 covered and @425 uncovered. Which is quite a bit of cooking for smaller meat cuts. Possibly you need to make your meat smaller and give it more time. Or can you put it into the oven?