I'm cooking a recipe with chicken thighs cooking in slow cooker. Can I & if so, how do i, cook this in a regular pan?

Renée Wilkins Brown
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1 Comment

boulangere December 9, 2019
I often braise chicken thighs in a shallow skillet. First I brown them well on both sides on the stovetop along with onions and garlic, then add other vegetables (carrots, celery, mushrooms, for example) and hard cider, which is my favorite braising medium. I cover the pot and transfer it to a 250 degree oven until the chicken and vegetables are extremely tender, and the braising liquid deeply flavorful, about three hours. Once out of the oven, I remove all the solids to a serving platter, then return the pot to the stovetop over medium heat and reduce the liquid by about a third. Finally, I swirl in a couple of tablespoons of butter, some salt and pepper to taste, and pour it over the platter.
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