what can I substitute wheat starch with in look funn

Can't find wheat starch in Kona

  • Posted by: Amy
  • November 16, 2014


Yianna November 22, 2014
Do you mean the Cantonese chewy noodles that cover a filling, a way similar to a spring roll, served in dim sums? If this is the case, the ingredients usually involve a combination of sticky rice flour, cornstarch, wheat starch and cassava/tapioca flour. I'm sure you could substitute the small amount of wheat starch with more cornstarch, or even mung bean starch if you have any. My family always use mung bean starch for noodles with a gel-like consistency and it works wonders.
Amy November 16, 2014
Thank you for your reply, but none of the comments on the site answered the original question. Aside from changing the Look Funn recipe to a rice noodle...is there a substitute for wheat starch
sydney November 16, 2014
If we're talking about the same thing - the chewy, elastic noodle of rice or wheat flour, either stuffed or not - see if this page gives you the info you're looking for:
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