Stone ground whole wheat flour

Can i use stone ground whole wheat flour instead whole wheat pastry flour? Or can i grind stone ground whole wheat flour in a food processor to get the same density as whole wheat pastry flour?

  • Posted by: Berna
  • February 12, 2017


Nancy February 17, 2017
Great! When you make pastry with the lower lrotein ww flour, please show us or let us know your results...:)
Nancy February 12, 2017
Unless it's urgent to bake and you can't get more supplies, no.
The results will be denser than intended in the recipe.
Pastry flour (whether whole wheat or white) is made from wheat with less protein than regular (ww or white). The lower protein gives a lighter texture in the final baked product.
The grinding in stone or further in processor gives other benefits, but won't give the lightness desired.
Berna February 17, 2017
Thank you Nancy.
While waiting an answer, i made a research and you're definitely right.

Here in the UK we don't have any whole wheat pastry flour, but i found one company makes "fine whole wheat flour by using soft wheats" and with a lower protein 9,9 (which is close to the USA whole wheat pastry flour, I assume). Hope which will work.

Thanks for the advise.
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