can I replace white with wheat flour for cookies?



Clare H. January 24, 2019
I used to use whole wheat pastry flour which worked great in chocolate chip, oatmeal, molasses etc. cookies...doesn't work for sugar cookies. I am gluten free now, and love mixing flours like oat and buckwheat, almond, and my gluten free mix of brown rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch. Play around with flours and see which combos you like best!
spiffypaws April 3, 2018
depends on the cookie recipe but a fool proof method I've developed over the years is to sub in 10% of the weight with whole wheat flour and add increments from there. In some recipes, like my baguettes it adds a lot of flavor. Really like it in choco chip cookies, banana bread and peanut butter cookies.
Liz D. April 3, 2018
I sub White Whole Wheat flour in chocolate chip, oatmeal & other sturdy cookies, I wouldn't do it for delicate cookies. Cookies do turn out a little drier, so you might want to use a teeny bit less flour than you would with white flour, and it helps to let the dough chill for an hour or so to let the flour hydrate. Cookies also don't spread as much, so I flatten drop cookies a bit before baking, don't just bake the balls of dough.
Nancy April 1, 2018
Baked goods gave dried texture when whole wheat replaces white flour.
Recommend lower proportion than Emma as substitution...use 1/4 volume of whole wheat and 3/4 volume of white flour.
Or search for a recipe developed from scratch and tested with whole wheat flour for the cookie that you want to make. It will likely have higher proportions of fat and/Or liquid to give the right moisture in the finished product.
Emma L. April 1, 2018
Depends on the cookie recipe, but usually! I'd start with replacing a third or half of the flour and seeing how that turns out. (So, if the recipe calls for 1 cup all-purpose flour, you'd do 2/3 cup all-purpose + 1/3 cup whole-wheat, or 1/2 cup all-purpose + 1/2 cup whole-wheat.)
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