Sweet soy sauce storage?

Wondering if I should refrigerate sweet soy sauce and/or thick soy sauce after opening (I am hoping, btw, that you all will tell me I don't need to, since my refrigerator door is crammed to the gills with condiments already).

Kristen W.


Kristen W. November 16, 2014
Yes, I do the same with Oyster and Hoisin sauce. In this case my instinct was not to refrigerate but I wasn't sure because I am unfamiliar with these products. I will now consider my instinct validated unless otherwise notified!
Susan W. November 16, 2014
Lol...I agree. It would go into my pantry right next to my shiitake soy. :)
Kristen W. November 16, 2014
Sweet soy sauce ingredients: white sugar, brown sugar, water, glucose syrup, salt, soy bean, wheat flour. Thick soy sauce is the same, but with molasses instead of sugar. It's the sugar content that made me wonder - I never refrigerate unsweetened soy sauce.
Susan W. November 16, 2014
I googled around a bit. Most say kikkoman says refrigerate in the US because FDA is overly cautious and forces them to. I agree with that theory. They also say (in this case, it's Kenji from kitchn.com) says none of these high salt condiments would go bad, but refrigeration may preserve the fresh flavor of condiments like hoisin, oyster sauce and sweet soy. So...I think it's up to you. I don't refrigerate soy sauce, vinegars or mirin. I do refrigerate my hoisin and oyster sauce, but mostly because I rarely use them.
Susan W. November 16, 2014
I would think you wouldn't want to. What are the ingredients?
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