I have to feed four girls, ages 9-12, a hot lunch in one hour. Suggestions?

They're eating late and will have missed school lunch



Christine November 21, 2014
Many of the suggestions here are full of carbs and fat....yes they burn it off at that age, but don't forget that high-protein vegetables (broccoli, spinach, mushrooms), legumes like lentil soup and cornbread, plus eggs and animal protein sources in small amounts will make them feel and function better once they return to school. Processed grain products, like pizza dough, will only spike their blood sugar.
Marcmarc December 6, 2014
Yeah, I would dearly love for them to eat like that all the time.
Marcmarc November 21, 2014
You people are hard core. I'm just going to copy all of this and put it in the recipe file. Especially the vacuum bag idea. That would be pretty much perfect.
Panfusine November 19, 2014
This is something I prepare for my kids school lunch early in the morning. Set a pot of salted water to boil some Penne Pasta (~ 11 - 12 min cooing time).. slice up one large onion and 2 bell peppers into thick strips, heat olive oil in a skillet and saute the veggies, Season with salt, pepper and some dried herbs (basil, thyme rosemary) , whisk in 1 teaspoon of flour into 1/2 cup of (preferably whole) milk and add it to the veggies (a shortcut for white sauce), once the sauce thickens, add the drained pasta, toss and serve up with some crusty bread on the side)
luvcookbooks November 19, 2014
Sloppy Joes are SO quick they are embarrassing and I love them, too. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, small tomatoes and a few potato chips.
ATG117 November 18, 2014
Frankly, I think most vegetarian recipes on this site can be made well within an hour: any egg dish, grain, salad, pasta, vegetable, fish, tofu, beans, etc.
Sam1148 November 17, 2014
* Have home made chicken salad ready, and bagged salad and fruit.
* A permade pizza crust...have some toppings chopped up in the fridge. Let them make their own quarter of a pizza...think of way to make a mark on their personal quarter. Maybe one likes olives, and other mushrooms...or a cookie cutter shape out cheese. (And again salad).
* Have some left over stews etc in bags ready for defrosting
* Consider a vacuum sealer. Make up boil and bag stuff.
-Salsbury steak with gravy, mushrooms, onions and peppers
-Soups and stews of all types
-Meatloaf (this is one of my favorites) just freeze single slices on a tray then vac pack. They microwave or boil/bag just fine.
-Fish...just put it in with herbs, veggies. It'll cook in the boil bag
- Side dishes: Veggie packs with herb and butter, Mashed potatoes, Gravy Packs.

Marcmarc November 17, 2014
Dietary habits: Not allergic to anything, never eat at school because school lunch is atrocious and they can't heat anything up, and they eat like a swarm of locusts when they get in. But my schedule only allows me an hour to cook and feed them
Susan W. November 17, 2014
You can't go wrong with the above suggestion of grilled cheese.

Pasta with butter and parm is satisfying after a hard day at school. Some veggies on the side with ranch dip.

Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries was always a good one with my kiddos and their friends.
jilhil November 17, 2014
In that case you can have some fun - check out the recent thread of "Your best back-pocket recipes" on the help line. Wonderful sounding things there including Boulangerie's "First night in Florence" pasta.

jilhil November 17, 2014
Unless you know anything about their dietary habits, I'd go for a classic - grilled cheese and tomato soup with carrot sticks on the side.
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