How can I eat a burned hot dog?



bugbitten October 12, 2011
Let's all guess...Is your next question "How do I recover from eating a burned hot dog?"
susan G. October 12, 2011
Depending on what kind of 'burned' you've got -- charred meat is a carcinogen, so follow step 1 above. If it's salvageable, there's always split pea soup, baked beans, etc.
JessicaBakes October 12, 2011
Step 1: throw burnt hot dog out
Step 2: go see my answer to your last question about how to cook hot dogs well :)

In all seriousness though, probably not worth saving. Peeling off hot dog skin doesn't sound like the BEST use of time to me.

That said, if it's only mildly overdone, cut it up and pretend it's ham or bacon in the next recipe you want to get a little meaty taste into.
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