help me save my cast iron!

a person accidentally left my cast iron over a hot burner, and it, well, burned -- a lot of the seasoning seems to have come off, and the cooking surface is more grey than black. How do I save it? Just reseason it?

Marian Bull


Susan W. November 19, 2014
I did the same thing to mine when I walked away from it while drying it on a burner. If you have seasoned it properly, it is just the polymerized oil that has turned to ash. Just scrub it all off and re-season like you just bought it.
ChefJune November 19, 2014
I think you'll be fine re-seasoning it. Cast iron is pretty indestructible. I'm about to re-season mine. Someone "helpfully" set it to soak! so it got rusty. No problem starting over.
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