Chicken curry for 30 people

How much ingredients do I need to cook chicken curry for 30 people



Nancy November 23, 2014
try this one (or any chicken curry) at allrecipes. they have a great "adjust servings feature" that helps you figure all those amounts.
lloreen November 22, 2014
It's really hard to say depending on the recipe and what else you are serving. If you link to the recipe, someone might be able to give you a guess.
bigpan November 22, 2014
I would say two bone-in thighs per person; or 6oz boneless per person. That will give you some leftovers ... maybe.
Christie November 22, 2014
Thank you but I would like to know how much coconut milk, pounds of chicken breast, shrimp, bell pepper, onion, etc; ingredients to use for the chicken and shrimp curry dish, for 30 people.
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