Is it better to steam or grill artichokes?

  • Posted by: sandra
  • November 26, 2014


petitbleu November 26, 2014
If you want the grilled flavor, I would steam part of the way, then finish on the grill. Unless the artichokes are baby artichokes--baby artichokes can be trimmed, halved, oiled and grilled without having to steam first. Grilled artichokes are awesome!
aargersi November 26, 2014
I boil in seasoned water until tender and then just give them a finishing char on the grill:
Paul G. November 26, 2014
Neither! If you have the time and room in your oven, double wrap whole artichokes in foil (stems removed, though I often peel them and include in the foil packets) after placing lots of garlic cloves i in the center and sprinkle lemon juice all over and bake for ~1-1/4 hours at 375

4 minutes of prep, zero to do while in oven and minimal cleanup. The baked garli cloves are amazing.
Susan W. November 26, 2014
I always steam until mostly done, cut in half, remove the choke and then grill them. If you grill them from a raw state, it will take a long time and they could char too much before they are done.

Like Stephanie said, it really depends onthe flavor profile that you are going for.
Stephanie B. November 26, 2014
It depends on the flavor you want. Grilling will give a smoky flavor while steaming will let the artichoke shine. It's usually still pretty chilly here in the spring when the artichokes start to appear in markets so I'd probably opt for steaming just so I could stay indoors. But that's just me.
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