Mash artichoke

I’d like to mash artichoke to a paste. I do not have a food processor or blender. Could I steam the artichoke?

  • Posted by: Mia
  • February 17, 2019
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1 Comment

Gammy February 18, 2019
I am assuming you want to use fresh artichokes, not frozen or canned, as you mention steaming. Artichokes by nature are very fibrous and a whole steamed one would not mash very well. That said, to make a paste from fresh artichokes, I would first steam, then remove all the petals/leaves and all the hair-like choke in the middle. What you would be left with is a mashable disc of soft material attached to the artichoke stem, part of which may be soft enough to mash. Unfortunately, you are going to waste a lot of good artichoke at the base of the petals that is definitely edible, and to me, is the best part of a fresh artichoke. There are recipes on the internet for artichoke pastes that start with canned artichoke hearts that might be easier, especially since you don't have a food processor or blender.
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