I am looking for a recipe that will produce the Palm Beach Grill's version of a grilled artichoke.

The Palm Beach Grill is essentially a Houston's with a different name. They make the most amazing grilled artichoke. I have tried many times, unsuccessfully, to recreate this dish at home. I have par-steamed the artichokes, I have soaked wood chunks and thrown them in with the charcoal. I have ended up with under cooked artichokes, over cooked artichokes, burned artichokes and nothing with a flavor close to theirs. I suspect I am skimping on heart stopping amounts of butter and salt. Anyhow, I would appreciate any hints for creating a tender interior and crispy (but not burned) and flavorful grilled artichoke that will make my eyes roll. Thanks!

Summer of Eggplant
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1 Comment

wssmom August 29, 2011
aargersi's recipe is amazing:
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