Cookie experts: Does anyone have a Snowball recipe with reduced flour and increased nuts? Thanks!

Too much flour (1-2 cups) in regular snowballs. Looking for a flour-reduced, less-sweet treat for guests. Possible?

  • Posted by: sydney
  • November 26, 2014


Merrill S. November 26, 2014
Here's a lemon-flavored version using only almond flour: I think if you used half nut flour and half AP you'd get a nice texture, somewhere between soft and crunchy.
sydney November 26, 2014
Two options now! Yay, and thanks to you both!
Kristen M. November 26, 2014
We have a heartier version with buckwheat flour going up on Monday! Can you wait that long?
sydney November 26, 2014
Absolutely! I'm so glad to hear and look forward to it. Thanks!
sydney December 3, 2014
Kristen, I was thrilled to see the recipe (won't have time to try it myself for a few weeks) but an eagle-eyed commenter on the recipe page noted a confusion in the recipe that hasn't been answered yet: baking powder or soda?
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