Can nut flours be used to make roux?

My MIL is gluten-free, but loves gumbo. Instead of those GF 1 to 1 flours, which I really don’t like, I wondered if nut flour, like almond, could be used.

Joel Strauss


Miss_Karen May 21, 2018
If you use rice, you can puree some of the cooked rice with the gumbo liquid. Then, stir it into the gumbo. The soup won't be clear anymore, but it will be thicker (think light stew.) Serve it over the un-pureed rice.
SKK May 21, 2018
Absolutely when mixed with coconut flour - texture, color and flavor is excellent.
Smaug May 21, 2018
0r you could use a gluten free starch, such as cornstarch or potato starch, or cornmeal. Won't be the same as roux, but similar.
Smaug May 21, 2018
No. Can't do it. You could thicken something by pureeing enough nuts in it, but not the same thing. have you tried file for thickening your gumbo?
Winifred R. May 21, 2018
It certainly works for thickening, but I haven't tried it in a roux. I'd say be judicious and run a test roux (just make a gravy) since the nuts may produce extra oil or be easier to burn than flour. Good luck, sounds interesting!
Joel S. May 21, 2018
Thank you! A doing a rest run sounds like a very good idea!
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