Can I substitute all purpose flour for pastry flour? It's for Banana Nut Bread (recipe calls for whole wheat pastry flour)



Gordojl July 27, 2019
I am DYING to make these, but am wondering if anybody has tried them with all purpose flour versus whole wheat pastry. With 3 little munchkins at home I’m often working with what’s on hand versus a store run, so wondering if there might be a way to substitute? Thank you!!
AntoniaJames February 24, 2013
Do you have the nutrition data for the all-purpose flour, stating the weight in grams per cup? They actually are very close. Bob's Red Mill pastry flour, which I suspect is as close to "standard" as any, has 120 grams per cup. Pillsbury All-Purpose has 125 grams per cup. If you can weigh your ingredients, then adjust accordingly. (I don't know what amount is called for, so I can't do the math precisely.) If you are measuring by volume, reduce the all-purpose flour by two teaspoons per cup of whole wheat pastry flour called for. And if you are using an A-P flour with a density other than 125 g / cup, then please let me know and I'll walk you the calculation. ;o)
Monita February 24, 2013
It's not one-for one but it can be substituted, Here's a link to help with conversions
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