Glazed Red Cherries in Manhattan?

Does anyone know a place to buy glazed red cherries, preferably in lower Manhattan. Needed ASAP. We used to buy them at Buon Italia at the Chelsea Market, but they are out of them. Thanks.



QueenSashy December 2, 2014
Thank you all for pitching in in dire times! I found cherries at Kalustyan's and the cake was saved. And we later celebrated with a glass of Manhattan :)
Liza's K. December 2, 2014
As crazy as it sounds, I've seen them at the Food Emporium on 14th street.
amysarah December 2, 2014
Maybe Agata & Valentina (on University Place.) Arthur Avenue Market would also probably have them - very old school Italian market - but that's a schlep up to the Bronx.
Nancy December 1, 2014
If you can't find commercial glazed red cherries, try making some brandied cherries at home. Usually take a few weeks to mature, but if you're putting them in a cake, one day marinating in brandy (or some reddish liqueur) should be enough to start the process.
Greenstuff November 30, 2014
Hah! I thought you wanted to sub glazed red cherries into your Manhattan, like you'd run out of Maraschinos or something. Was going to tell you that it'd be weird but better than no Manhattan at all.
QueenSashy November 30, 2014
Ha, ha, ha... No, I need them for my Christmas cake, but come to think about it, I could get the tipsy ones -- the cake will be even better!
Pegeen November 30, 2014
Me too! I was going to say, um, I'd just drink the Manhattan without them! :-)
strawberrygirl December 1, 2014
Yeah, I saw "cherries" and "Manhattan" and my brain went straight to cocktails.
creamtea December 1, 2014
that's what I thought!
Merrill S. November 30, 2014
Also, maybe somewhere in Little Italy would have them?
Merrill S. November 30, 2014
I'd call Kalustyan's to see if they have them. Good luck!
QueenSashy November 30, 2014
That's it! Thank you!
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