What is the best way to warm up the crepes if making them in advance?

  • Posted by: Irene
  • December 4, 2014


Patty December 4, 2014
Or if you don't have too many you could reheat them individually in your crepe pan. Probably no need to add any more butter if it's well seasoned. Just slide them a bit to make sure.
Irene December 4, 2014
Thanks Patty.
Nancy December 4, 2014
Not familiar with that specific crepe 'recipe but generally warm them wrapped or covered I foil or lidded overproif pan at 300-350F for about 10 (more or less depending on total volume). Also you may want to add a bit of liquid or fat to maintain moistness.
Irene December 4, 2014
Thank you! that's a good idea for many crepes. I was thinking of warming them in a pan but that's not easy if you have guests waiting for the desert.
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